Pneuma Kids Content for the week of March 22

Mar 22, 2020 | Kids

A Note for Parents

We’d like to offer you something to do at home with your kids since we will not be having services for an unknown amount of weeks going forward and as the country deals with the ongoing pandemic.

We’ll be providing you with weekly resources for every child in your home. So please take some time to enter into the world of Kids Ministry!


This week we will be learning about the book of Joel (not a popular one, we know) so included in this week’s resources is a short video explanation about this book from The Bible Project and another short video from Pastor Landon MacDonald. They will help you talk about the book of Joel with your children.

Also included is a video to help you and your children learn about who prophets are and what they do. This resource is provided to you by Crossroads Kids’ Club. Also, we would like to encourage you to worship at home with your children as you listen to the “Only Jesus” Video by Austin Stone Kids.

The majority of the curriculum being offered was freely provided by Lifeway through the Austin Stone Church. We want to thank all these ministries for their time and dedication in putting all these resources together and certainly hope that they are a blessing to your entire family.

Alternative Resources

Feel free to use these online Saddleback Kids children’s services as an alternative. We understand that some kids and parents might enjoy this type of format.

I Am Elementary Lesson 1 (ages 5-11)

Who is He? Early Childhood Lesson 1 (ages 2-4)


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